For moose and squirrel. Rocky and Bullwinkle were hard at work with their crayons and Mickey Mouse coloring book. Suddenly the very loveable, slightly balding, troubling rotund owner comes bursting through the door. Next time maybe he will use the doornob. Anyway, he is troubled by the fact that his team (and their team) looks somewhat younger, has some prospects, and a little cap room but there are some fearful times ahead. Too many raises coming next season and a skyward salary cap looms on the horizon. Prospects will be too young for seasons to come. And the whole outfield is close to s.s. money. What will we do boys and girls? Will the team ever become a contender? Will rookie pitcher Garcia break the bank? Will catcher Lippert finish his career as a 4F? Will Bullwinkle marry Natasha? Stay tuned!

Side note. Before the start of next season, the playing field will be rename Wossamatta Park. What ya think? All pink?