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Thread: Who should I draft?

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    Re: Who should I draft?

    Quote Originally Posted by SlickLaptop View Post
    For the record, I was leaning 1 before the draft, and ended up picking 3. Next time I just go with my gut rather than listen to you bums.
    Hahahaha jk.

    I'm sure I'll my team will be fine.
    It's close, but 3 also has some speed. That can make a big difference. I'd say you made the right choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhardy_03 View Post
    How did he turn out? Full scouting on him change something?
    Sorry, I've been super busy.

    He turned out slightly better (1pt up on several ratings) than seen at half-scouting. No mis-scouts. Nothing less. So he seems to have been a good choice.

    But, what I realized now, is that he throws lefty, so I won't be converting him to Catcher.
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