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Thread: Front Office Payroll?

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    Front Office Payroll?

    Hi--I don't think it makes much of a difference in the larger scheme of things, but what is up with the Front Office Payroll? My pathetic Richards show 42 M at the MLB level and 12 M in AAA and we are on the hook for all of it, but several teams don't have a combined total of their MLB and AAA rosters....isn't this an automatic feature?

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    Re: Front Office Payroll?

    All of your pitchers in your AAA have had a year's experience or more, so they count toward your FOA. If they have 0 years of experience, then they don't count.
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    man it's also really funny to see how much negative war prople have on their rosters. it's like dog by definition you can immediately replace that guy for free


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