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Thread: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

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    1998 Mid Season Analysis

    24. Orlando Overture (ES:24)(-)(24-69)
    23. Blaine Murder Hornets (ES:22)(-1)(34-59)
    22. Subliminal Messengers (ES:19)(-3)(41-52)
    21. Cobbs Deadball Brawlers (ES:5)(-16)(41-52)

    Certainly not the season expected from Cobbs, especially after signing some big names in the off season, but it appears these players were over hyped. Thomas Puckett looks like he still has some developing to do, James Snell has been average, and 11.5 million dollar man Hugh Parsons has put up mediocre numbers. These factors combined with one of the worst offenses in the league so far have really put a damper on what looked to be a promising season.

    20. Goodyear Zeppelins (ES:14)(-6)(41-52)

    The offensive explosion I predicted in the pre season never came to fruition, and this falls pretty heavily on 1997 #1 overall pick Robert Robinson, who is batting .244 with a .731 OPS, and he certainly wasn't drafted for his defense.

    19. DC Dodgers (ES:8)(-11)(41-51)

    DC still seems like a good team, but their lack of offense has really hurt them this year. It looks like they are just unlucky, as their players are underperforming a little, but either way something needs to change.

    18. Ohio Bridgeburners (ES:11)(-7)(43-49)
    17. Phillipsburg Panthers (ES:23)(+6)(44-48)

    While Phillipsburg has had some great pitching from their rotation, they were so far at the bottom that they are going to need more if they want to be at the top.

    16. Roswell Rockets (ES:16)(-)(45-48)
    15. Orlando the Great (ES:12)(-3)(46-47)
    14. Savage Youngbloods (ES:9)(-5)(46-46)

    13. Dingle Rasp N Straw (ES:17)(+4)(48-45)
    12. Lincoln Park Vigilantes (ES:10)(-2)(48-45)
    11. Texarkana Shrubs of Mediocrity (ES:21)(+10)(48-45)

    This is an instance of a team winning games with me having no idea how, as the defense, pitching, and offense are all looking mediocre at best. However, I have to move them up in the rankings based on their wins.

    10. Xanadu Khans (ES:18)(+8)(48-45)

    I said "Just your typical .500 team" in the pre season rankings, and while their record is pretty representative of that, there are a lot of teams hovering around the .500 mark this season.

    9. Tustin Pterodactyls (ES:7)(-2)(48-45)
    8. Onion Creek Pirates (ES:20)(+12)(49-44)

    A big surprise contender this season, Onion Creek are looking solid with a nice record and run differential. Their rotation has taken a lot of SeaFat and the bullpen might get exposed as the season progresses, but for now they look like they can make the playoffs.

    7. Buffalo Lakers (ES:15)(+8)(51-42)

    The Lakers have what I would consider the league's best offense this season, which is surprising coming off a quick owner turnaround right at the start of the season.

    6. Keokuk Chiefs (ES:6)(-)(52-41)
    5. Montgomery Angels (ES:1)(-4)(52-40)

    Montgomery is still very good, but they are not the same level of dominant as last season. While the offense and defense are both better than the league average, they are no longer elite.

    4. Boca Raton Unicorns (ES:13)(+9)(54-39)

    Milton Marcus has made a major impact already on the Unicorns, and alongside Joseph Tillery and Michael Smith have provided enough firepower to lead Boca Raton to the top of the rankings with one of the top offenses in the league. The pitching staff has been a little above average, which is all the Unicorns need to win.

    3. Ming Dynasty 100,000 Eunuchs (ES:2)(-1)(54-38)
    2. Manitoba Moose (ES:4)(+2)(55-38)
    1. Managua Indios del Boer (ES:3)(+2)(60-33)

    Managua have rode their pitching to the #1 spot, especially 1996's #1 overall pick Ray Reynolds (15-0, 1.94 ERA) who is by far the favorite to win the Cy Young Award this year.
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    man it's also really funny to see how much negative war prople have on their rosters. it's like dog by definition you can immediately replace that guy for free

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    Re: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

    Oh, I can tell you the reason Texarkana is somehow winning. We have two of the best firemen at the moment in Edgardo Watts and Charles Ellington, meaning that if we can get ahead we can usually stay that way.

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    Re: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

    A 15-5 record with 13 holds and 30 saves between them have definitely helped Texarkana a great deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by V.I. Incandenza
    man it's also really funny to see how much negative war prople have on their rosters. it's like dog by definition you can immediately replace that guy for free

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    Re: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

    Keokuk Chiefs are still hanging around with their old timers. Had a trade offer for Casey Miller and almost took it (glad I didnt). 14 games over .500 and a 5 game lead and hoping to make playoffs again. Is a 3Peat possible(nahh!!!)

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    Re: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

    We weren't happy that Managua took the #1 ranking from us.

    Right after these rankings came out the Angels swept Managua 8-4, 14-3, and 11-2.
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    Re: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

    Great work. Milton Marcus has been phenomenal offensively and defensively. We've rebounded from last season's fluke record.
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    Re: 1998 Mid Season Analysis

    Yea Cobbs has fallen off the cliff. Our pitching has been iffy for several seasons and now it’s really being exposed.

    Hughes was a Hail Mary attempt to keep us relevant. He has turned it around recently but this team has big issues. We have no true catcher relying on another PSFA Veins to give enough offense to make up for playing out of position.

    A major rebuild is in the immediate future to be sure.

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