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Thread: 2063 Season

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    Re: 2063 Season

    Draft list dropped for future seems fairly stinky, but I also haven't watched how players develop over time anymore. How do those guys get placed, we don't use them this year correct?
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    Re: 2063 Season

    Yes that's correct, we don't use rookies. We let the draft take its course and guys stay in the low minors of the Drone team they were drafted. They will stay there until I feel like they have developed enough to be draftable. If they are, I will drop them into the FA pool in the offseason.

    If a good player happens to get drafted by a real team, just keep them in your minors and don't use them. When I do my offseason player purge I may decide to either drop them or re-assign them to the low minors of a drone team to develop more.

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