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Thread: 2140: Hot Stove and Trading Thread

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    Re: 2140: Hot Stove and Trading Thread

    3B Scott Ball - Still crushing it with 50 HR power. Looking for a top 10 pick.
    SS Gene Shelor - Power, great range at SS. 37/30 last year. 29 years old.
    LF Cornelius Nigro - Monster bat, only 28. My price is likely too high as he is the franchise for the next several years, but happy to discuss.
    CF Enrique Callahan - Very useful CF with pop.
    P Calvin Murphy - Fat turd, great history but kinda sucks right now and is a great buy very low project.
    P Bradley Vick - Ditto. Buy very low pitcher. Can of cheese whiz?

    Typical youth/picks/pitching. Ping me!

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    Re: 2140: Hot Stove and Trading Thread

    I removed my original post. I probably should refrain from critiquing people's trade blocks. I'm sorry.

    Happy 4th
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