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Thread: 2116 Season News and Discussion

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    2116 Season News and Discussion

    If managers have any thought about teams or games and want to share, welcome to post in here.

    Good luck to everyone !

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    Re: 2116 Season News and Discussion

    2116 The Amateur Draft orders updated.
    If anyone finds anything wrong,please let me know thx.

    Good luck !

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    Re: 2116 Season News and Discussion

    Half season passed. It's time to do a half season summary.

    In NAL East Division there are only 1.5 GBs between Ice Snow Wind, Colorado 46 and Kiruna Laplanders.

    In NAL West Division Vancouver Blacksocks and Arizona Anacondas hold two tickets of playoffs.

    In SEL East Division Taiwan Wolf leads the division. Kansas City Vikings, Blanc Sablon Puffins, Golf City Wedges, Bavaria Butchers and Ethelbert Eagles compete for another ticket of playoffs.

    In SEL West Division Designated Survivors leads the division. Prospect Chapels, Tennessee Mountaineers, Centreville Orioles and New York Yankees compete for another ticket of playoffs.

    Arizona Anacondas temporarily has the best 849 Runs Scored and Vancouver Blacksocks has the best 551 Runs Allowed.

    Also 2116 MLB World Amateur Draft has finished.The depth of draft class looks like : 2093>2092>2089>2096>2095>2113>2102>2103>2097>2114> 2098>2115>2099> 2091>2107>2110>2090> 2111>2101>2104>2106>2108>2094>2112>2100>2105>2109>2116

    As usual,I'll share the top 3 players in my Draft List :
    #1 Ronald Powell 17 P picked by Taiwan Wolf with the 2nd pick.
    #2 Frank Gomez 18 SS picked by Las Vegas Rumble with the 3rd pick.
    #3 Michael Neff 19 SS picked by Wisconsin Cheeseheads with the 7th pick.

    Good luck to everyone in the second half !


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