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Thread: App & Social Media (among other ideas)

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    Forums will never cease to exist because they do not perform the same function as social networks. Even though it is possible to create interest groups or communities on some platforms, people do not always share their problems or stories due to the lack of anonymity.
    Many bloggers have developed a social media marketing strategy from 1394ta to attract a new audience and advertise their products. It is worth using social networks for sales and popularity, but this does not mean that forums will die or cease to exist. You won't stop using a blanket, even if you buy a warm sweater.
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    Re: App & Social Media (among other ideas)

    The bots are the only ones that understand me apparently
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    Quote Originally Posted by milleryz View Post
    Well, it is an absolutely natural thing. Social media is the only thing that kept people sane during the pandemic and lockdown. It goes without saying that humans need interaction; this is critical for our mental health and cognitive development. On the other hand, we stagnate and become lazier and lazier. Ideally, we should use social media only for positive purposes, but we all know that this isn't necessarily true. People seek to grow their communities and verified on instagram followers, even if they don't have much to say!
    The current meta has made Instagram and FB slow, I use FB and IG for many years, now it has too many problems and the AI ​​system of these 2 social networks is too bad.
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