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Thread: Individual Pitcher Manager Settings

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    Individual Pitcher Manager Settings

    Would anyone else be interested in something like this? I might want one pitcher with high SY to be able to pitch until hes -30% fatigued but maybe I want to pull my pitcher with high PO once he hits 0%. You can do this now manually but what about a setting for each pitcher where you can have finer control over them? Maybe I want to "always use my closer" when my SP3-5 is pitching but not if my SP1-2 are going. Thing like that.

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    Re: Individual Pitcher Manager Settings

    i would like more customization for the pitching, whether it be individual settings (set at player specific level), Role level setting (SP1 vs SP5 vs LR, etc), or even just situational settings (Toast settings Innings 1-5; Toast settings innings 6-8, etc)


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