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Thread: 2007 Say Hey Draft

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    2007 Say Hey Draft

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: May 21st @ 9:00 AM
    1High Point HellbendersBTCPOSTP Robert Davis
    2San Francisco TransformersstumblebeePOSTP Jeffrey Milan
    3Raleigh Rebelspearbear82AUTOSS Ramsay Hill
    4Akron Paper Tigersquix22AUTOSS Angel Calloway
    5Saint Jonh's Soda CansDeadManKatsuAUTOCF Ervin Martinez
    6Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTLF David Bradley
     Block 2  Due: May 22nd @ 9:00 AM
    7Ohio LegendsDennis4485POSTP Christopher Rarick
    8San Francisco TransformersstumblebeePOSTC Thomas Poling
    9Chicago River RatsBigBeauLISTP Roland Taylor
    10Detroit Starsgnrsss2001LISTSS David Molina
    11Groove City FunkShowBrothersbigtank2000LISTP Kyler Rodriguez
    12San Francisco TransformersstumblebeeAUTOP Dwight Adams
     Block 3  Due: May 23rd @ 9:00 AM
    13Dos Laredos TecolotesPedrodrgLIST1B John Williams
    14Electric City TrolleygtownmohawksLISTP Johm Smith
    15Eastlake JaguarsmcbAUTO2B Charles Delaney
    16Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTP William King
    17Cowan Cubbiesdk161LISTP Williams Haman
    18Constellation CardinalsGoldenGhostAUTO3B Robert Jones
     Block 4  Due: May 24th @ 9:00 AM
    19Buenaventura Lakes SeminolesYmik3AUTOP Stephen Salazar
    20Albuquerque ApocalypsehiroclioLISTP Wayne Harris
    21Madison MallardsunownedAUTORF Josiah Conroy
    22Wisconsin BombersBigBadRapperDLISTP Levi Thompson
    23Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTP Mark Washington
    24Scranton Beet Farmerskg316LISTC James Plante
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 5  Due: May 25th @ 9:00 AM
    25High Point HellbendersBTCPOST1B Harold Choate
    26Milwaukee Bravesseaver41AUTOP John York
    27Raleigh Rebelspearbear82AUTOSS Jerry Collins
    28Akron Paper Tigersquix22AUTOP Bennie Jay
    29Saint Jonh's Soda CansDeadManKatsuAUTOLF Curtis Dixon
    30Long Island DolphcatsMadipuppyLISTP Jeffrey Peterson
     Block 6  Due: May 26th @ 9:00 AM
    31Ohio LegendsDennis4485AUTOSS James Clark
    32Scranton Beet Farmerskg316LISTP Eric Durham
    33Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTC Lawrence Kelly
    34Detroit Starsgnrsss2001LIST2B Louis Alvarez
    35Groove City FunkShowBrothersbigtank2000AUTOLF Leonard Naranjo
    36Boston AtlanticsshireknightAUTORF Billy Cox
     Block 7  Due: May 27th @ 9:00 AM
    37San Francisco TransformersstumblebeeLISTSS Henry Cornish
    38Electric City TrolleygtownmohawksLISTRF David Horn
    39Eastlake JaguarsmcbAUTOCF Charlie Church
    40Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTC Tige May
    41Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTCF Kyle Clark
    42Constellation CardinalsGoldenGhostAUTOLF Billy Polk
     Block 8  Due: May 28th @ 9:00 AM
    43Buenaventura Lakes SeminolesSethS1994POSTC Charles Dixon
    44Albuquerque ApocalypsehiroclioLISTRF Manuel Edwards
    45Madison MallardsncochransrPOSTP James Smith
    46Wisconsin BombersBigBadRapperDAUTOThomas Arnold
    47Dos Laredos TecolotesPedrodrgAUTORF Nicholas Miller
    48Delaware Surfthisguy75LISTC Jamal Hershman

    Quick PMs
    Block 1: BTC; stumblebee; pearbear82; quix22; DeadManKatsu; thisguy75
    Block 2: Dennis4485; kg316; BigBeau; gnrsss2001; bigtank2000; shireknight
    Block 3: Pedrodrg; gtownmohawks; mcb; thisguy75; dk161; GoldenGhost
    Block 4: Ymik3; hiroclio; unowned; BigBadRapperD; thisguy75; kg316
    Block 5: BTC; seaver41; pearbear82; quix22; DeadManKatsu; Madipuppy
    Block 6: Dennis4485; kg316; BigBeau; gnrsss2001; bigtank2000; shireknight
    Block 7: Pedrodrg; gtownmohawks; mcb; thisguy75; thisguy75; GoldenGhost
    Block 8: hiroclio; ncochransr; BigBadRapperD; pedrodrg; thisguy75
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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    High Point select Robert Davis (P)

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    San Fran selects P Jeffrey Milan

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    Legends select: Christopher Rarick P
    For the love of the game.

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    In a monster deal spurred by a desire to cut our cap, SF has dealt one of our young front line aces to Scranton and acquires the 8th pick, which we will use to select C Thomas Poling

    Trade proposed by Scranton Beet Farmers to San Francisco Transformers: Accept offer Decline offer
    From Scranton Beet Farmers:
    P: Richard Scott ($1,866,000)
    LF: Robert Brown ($1,011,000)
    First Round Draft Pick: #8 overall
    P: Roger Gonzales ($2,142,000)
    From San Francisco Transformers:
    P: Bennett Buffington ($7,318,000)
    First Round Draft Pick: #24 overall

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    23rd pick to Delaware Surf in Brill deal to help try and replace the departed BenBuff

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    the rights to 12th pick P Dwight Adams to SF as Boston shores up massive defensive holes with glove masters and solid bats with SS Benny Hatfield and CF Vada Hostetler

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    High Point select with pick #25 1B Harold Choate

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    Madison is interested in James Smith and Lucian Haverson P's.

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    Re: 2007 Say Hey Draft

    Seminoles select C Charles Dixon

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