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Thread: '43 Winter meetings

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    Re: '43 Winter meetings

    Allegheny is interested in a SP after 4/1
    -Parce que j'ai le jeu, mes chiennes.
    -Translation; 'cause I got game bitches!

    Join the Remake Leagues! No Experience Necessary.

    Simple Rules:

    1. Stop recruiting new owners for your half dead crappy leagues. Your efforts would be better used looking for a stable league with owners who actually care about their teams. Winning the world series in a half unowned league is not worthy of your time.

    2. If you are trading an elite item like a no1 overall pick or a superstud player, then dont take the first offer you get. Advertise your availability to the league to maximize your return. Your trade partner is not going to protect you from underselling yourself.

    3. Quoted from a thread about Monopoly gameplay: "This strategy will end up killing you in the long run. You WANT to make deals. You WANT to be easy to do business with. If players get the impression that you're always going to ask for unreasonable demands, they'll trade with other players, leaving you out of those trades, meaning you get nothing of value while they benefit. Remember, your goal in a trade should not be to screw your trading partner, but to screw anyone who isn't your trading partner. Then people will catch on and realize that if they're not going to give you fair rates, they're going to be left out in the cold, which means that you shouldn't be dealing with people who play that way either."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdbpimpin1 View Post
    Allegheny is interested in a SP after 4/1
    Look me up after 4/1

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    Re: '43 Winter meetings

    deleted due to change
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    Re: '43 Winter meetings

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveW View Post
    Buffalo is seeking a solid SP1/2... age not too important. Can shop picks this season and/or next, and a variety of players.
    Since I can't get the strong RH starter that I was looking for... Buffalo is selling off for the future. There are a lot of solid pieces on the team, and I'm going to want quality picks this season or next, and/or good prospects for many of those.


    P.S. Make any offers / PM me today... I may not be in a great mood to trade players once I set up my team for the season tonight.
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