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Thread: Custom Player Contract System (feedback wanted)

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    Custom Player Contract System (feedback wanted)

    I am looking to develop a system for contracts in an new upcoming league and was curious if there has been any leagues to successfully implement player contracts and how they went about it. If you have any examples, feel free to link them. I aim to prevent creating a bunch of extra work for commissioners, so ideally a contract system will be simple yet effective approach. I want the entire system to be done within excel by a non league member for transparency. Considering the league will consist of two 12 team leagues, a member of the other league will be able to facilitate the "roll of the dice" within excel during each offseason.

    I do have some ideas and am curious what others think:

    Rookie Contracts

    When a player is created the player will be drafted his player personality based on his player ID. The personality trait will determine his level of greed, loyalty, among other potential characteristics which will guide the player's decision making. Initial rookie contracts are set for 5 seasons by default and cannot be modified. We determine either 10 or 100 (or more) different personality types, but 10 seems like a good start, all based on the last digit(s) the player ID or player URL.

    Contract Renewals

    When any contract expires, his team will be allowed to offer a contract renewal. During the preseason, a commissioner will "roll the dice" within excel to determine player choices within the document only. After this process, Teams will submit their renewal offers to their players. Depending on the personality of the player, they may decide to reject your proposal or sign. Rejected players will be released to Free Agency as a Restricted Free Agent, but teams will still have an opportunity to keep these players at a higher salary.

    Restricted Free Agency / Second Contracts
    If the player's rookie contract expires and he chooses to enter free agency, the team will have an opportunity to resign the player for double his base salary (will have to release and resign the player) for minimum of 3 to 5 additional seasons at the owners discretion. (Note this is only for expiring Rookie Contracts and not Veteran Contracts.) A small % of players will still reject both offers from a team and choose to enter free agency.

    Free Agency

    During the preseason you can choose to sign any player using the sim as normal but doing so will agree to the terms the player is seeking (which will be posted in the forum). After 4/1, all contracts are shifted to 1 year contracts.

    Veteran Contracts
    After a player's second contract expires all future contracts are considered Veteran Contracts. A Veteran Contract can be between 1-7 seasons, although each season over 3 will need to be given an additional 500k signing bonus (So a 7 year contract signing would mean the player gets 2M added to his base salary). Certain players will only accept long term contract offers, and others will only seek short term contract offers (this info will be displayed on the forum).

    We will use stages as a way to move the process. For example:
    Stage 1 - Round 1 Renewal Offers (Due Monday evening)
    Stage 2 - Round 1 Player Decisions (Posted Tuesday)
    Stage 3 - Round 2 Renewal Offers (Due Wednesday)
    Stage 4 - Round 2 Player Decisions (Posted Thursday)
    Stage 5 - Free Agency done using sim (kicks off 12PM EST Friday)

    Player Personality Types (more can be added as necessary)
    0 - This player is the ultimate team player and will always resign with any team offering base salary
    9 - This player is greedy and has a 20% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    8 - This player is greedy and has a 35% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    7 - This player is greedy and has a 50% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    6 - This player is not greedy and has a 60% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    5 - This player is not greedy and has a 70% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    4 - This player is not greedy and has a 80% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    3 - This player is not greedy and has a 85% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    2 - This player is not greedy and has a 90% chance of resigning with his team at base salary
    1 - This player is not greedy and has a 95% chance of resigning with his team at base salary


    With this system, one of the goals is to keep the salary of each player the same as the base salary most the time, for simplicity reasons. Some players will be greedy but most are willing to resign with a former team offering a contract renewal. Greedy players are more likely to ask for more money and/or walk from contract offers. Depending on the complexity of the excel document, more player personalities can be added, as well as other factors for decision making (such as: Win %, Championships, Division/Region bias, etc.). These additional factors would only be implemented into the sheet if it did not add any significant amount of additional time it takes for a commissioner to "roll the dice".

    This system does require two PMs from users to a commissioner during each preseason. It will require a commissioner who is NOT part of the league of 12 to input the data from the PM's into the excel document, roll the dice, and post the results to the forum (much like the CWS Recruiting process). It will also require a post within the forum detailing each player's contract status and personality. With most players staying with their original teams and most players keeping their base salaries, this may not be difficult to track each season and each user could potentially be tasked to track of their own contracts. As a side note, there is no limitation to the number of contracts a team can offer or sign, as the limiting factor will be the Salary Cap of $75 Million.

    With the player ID determining the player's personality type, and a roll of the dice, it gives the player's a mind of their own and adds a new wrinkle to the game. For comparison sake, a system very similar to this is the Recruiting system using Excel in College World Series, which determines a Top 3 list of schools and a final choice of commitment all inside of Microsoft Excel. This demonstrates that a roll of the dice system within excel can be used to determine player contracts, among other things.

    One idea for Stage 5 Free Agency is to have all bids publicly posted on the forum and another dice roll for player decisions. Because this is likely to be too time consuming and is dependent on a strong commissioner team, opting to use the game mechanics on Free Agency is a simpler solution for Stage 5 for the mean time.

    If you have any thoughts, be sure to give them. If you are interested in joining the league that plans to implement this, please see this thread.
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