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Thread: Welcome all new and old owners

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    Welcome all new and old owners

    I just want to welcome some of the new owners and also want to hello to all the other owners. I had started to help Ravennod run this league but unfortunately he hasn't been on CSFBL in over 6 months. I hope all is well in his life.

    I would like the owners to post on here to see how many are active. Also any thoughts about running this League. I am not a big fan of live drafts unless it is a full and active League. We are not anywhere near that. Also playing 2 times a day is fine with me since I have some 4 times a day teams but always open for multiple input on that. Since there is little activity like trades going on I have it set for 10 new free agents at the beginning of each season for some new talent to be available. Sometimes there are very good players available to bid over.

    The ownership has been growing slowly without any promotion of it and if you know anyone looking for a League to join give us a plug.

    Please check in to show that we are a live league.

    Also if any one knows how Ravennod is doing.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Welcome all new and old owners

    Hi - I hope we can find some more players. I'm one of those that hates to see leagues fold, and all the history with it. I'm pretty much open to any changes we need to attract more managers.


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