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Thread: Re-Shuffle League Rulebook

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    Re-Shuffle League Rulebook

    Re-Shuffle Rulebook
    > Will play four divisions , Bigs, AAA, AA, & A
    > 75 mil hard cap, 4 gm. sim speed, no live draft, 10 FA created in pre-season.
    > Shuffling of teams will take place after each season comes to a close.
    The way that'll work is the two playoff teams from each division, will move up a division from AAA, AA & A
    The two teams at the bottom of each division will move down a division the following season from Majors, AAA, & AA
    and the middle two teams will remain in the same division , not moving up or down the previous season.

    > Will pause the league each off-season to shuffle the teams changing divisions. They will take their same franchise when they move up a division or down a division, so the league might need to pause for a day or two in the pre-season to pull this off.

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    Re: Re-Shuffle League Rulebook

    So in the initial draft you are drafting the teams as is, correct? Or will there be some shuffling of players? What about the free agents in the league during year 1. Would any team be able to bid on those after the team draft?


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