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Thread: 2097 Beer League Draft (Complete set list)

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    2097 Beer League Draft (Complete set list)

    Five teams will be required to make their picks each day for 1 Round. If you are first to pick on your day you may post your pick in this thread. If you are 2nd-3rd-4th-5th you must PM the commissioner your selections by the deadline or you will be auto picked. This process will be done until the draft is complete thru Round 1. Sims speed will be slowed to 4 games a day until draft is complete. Any Auto picks will be the highest paid unpicked player. You will be notified by PM only. If your user name and forum name are different it is your responsibility to send the correct PM name to all commissioners.

    Please send the all PMs to jfn99fan.
    Day 1- Thursday 5/7/20 - 8pm EST|

    1. St Louis Golden Lights P John Martinez
    2. St Louis Golden Lights SS Gary Henderson
    3. Schell's Stags P Jose Chandler
    4. Genesee Cream Ales P Willie Blevins
    5. Berkshire Brewing Gold Spikes RF Adam Bingham

    Day 2- Friday 5/8/20 - 8pm EST|

    1. Good Nature ANNIEs 1B Juan Burch
    2. Sandwich HopCats 2B Wilbert Hunter
    3. Nastro Azzurri P William Sawyer
    4. Frankenmuth Pilseners P Elijah Campbell
    5. Pompano 26° Tap & Brewery LF Bradly Harvey

    Day 3- Saturday 5/9/20 - 8pm EST|

    1. Guiness Blacks CF William Hale
    2. Ybor City Gold SS Roger Primus
    3. Tuskegee Airmen P Laurence Nance
    4. Dallas Blondes P Damon Samuels
    5. Grain Belt Belters CF William Rivera

    Day 4- Sunday 5/10/20 - 8pm EST|

    1. Beaverton Blue Ribbon 1B Stevon Soto
    2. Minden Dos Equis RF Joshua Allen
    3. Yuengling Lagerheads P David Turner
    4. Rickard's Red P Clifto Weiler
    5. Boulevard Long Strange Tripels C Steven Duke

    Day 5- Monday 5/11/20 - 8pm EST|

    1. Big Bend Brewing Company RF Duff Norman
    2. Seattle Orange IPAs LF Nelson Wade
    3. Carlsburg Specials CF Paul Henderson
    4. Shiner Bocks SS Bushwick Montoya

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    Re: 2097 Beer League Draft (Active Day 1)

    The 2097 Beer LEague Draft is active. St Louis will kick it off with the first 2 picks of this years draft.
    Picks need to be in by 8:00pmEST to avoid the autopick

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    Re: 2097 Beer League Draft (Active Day 3)

    Ybor City uses the 12th pick to select SS Roger Primus.

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    Re: 2097 Beer League Draft (Active Day 3)

    Tuskegee uses the 13th pick for Pitcher Lawrence Nance

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    Re: 2097 Beer League Draft (Active Day 3)

    Dallas selects p Damon Samuels.

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    Re: 2097 Beer League Draft (Active Day 4)

    Big Bend selects RF Duff Norman.

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    Re: 2097 Beer League Draft (Active Day 4)

    2097 Beer Draft is complete. Be sure to set your picks for round 2.


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