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Thread: 2070 Season

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    2070 Season

    ...We'll pause the game after the 2069 season playoffs are completed this year. Toy Cannon and I discussed changing the draft format next season to just a 1st round live draft. There was a lack of response for the 2nd live round this year, despite my extending the list due time for multiple teams. I have no problem doing both rounds live, but, there hardly seems to be any point to doing so. Anyone who objects to the proposed change should be prepared to back it up with a 2nd round list.


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    Re: 2070 Season

    ...We're also paused to give everyone a good look at the free agents for 2070. We'll start up again on Wednesday...

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    Re: 2070 Season

    ...Anyone else experiencing oddities? My Giants have played 12 games, and have a 9-3 record, but according to the team pitching stats page, we are still 2-1!


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