How great would it be to have one place to see all the owners in your league who have players they are looking to trade -- and a place for you to post the players you want to trade for other owners to see? Well, your time has come.

There are now two new pages: League Trades and Team Trades/Free Agents.

The League Trades page will show you all players on the trade block for all teams in your league. You can propose trades directly with the other team right from this page by clicking the icon next to the player's name. (Note: the trade page UI is pending an update -- when it's done, your trade block player will be pre-selected as part of the trade.)

The Team Trades/Free Agents page will show you all players on your team that are on the trade block, and allow you to add and remove them. When posting a player to the trade block, you can post an (optional) comment -- a good way to describe what you're looking for in return. This page also includes a link to the League Free Agents page as well as lists all your free agent offers (previously this was on the Team Transactions page).

With this change, the Team Transactions page now shows only a list of transactions for your team in a given season, similar to the League Transactions page (which also had trade proposal information removed -- that information is now on the League Trades page).

Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!