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Thread: 2127 Season Preview

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    2127 Season Preview

    Disclaimers - this is based off of the rosters as of like 8:30 eastern on Friday night, so any last minute salary drops or future moves are obviously not accounted for. It's also assuming that every team goes all out this year, trying to play all their best players at their best positions to win as many games as possible. Not going to be the case for both good and bad reasons. That means that these rankings have the teams much closer than reality will bear out, since the good teams are actually going to try to win every game, while the bad teams will either care less or actively hold back some wins, etc.

    Here's every team ranked on pure talent alone:

    RankTeamOffenseDefensePitchingExp W
    1Worcester Rocketeers20.927.597.597.3
    2Tuktoyaktuk Wolverines87.96.436.593.8
    3Elgin Spam Eaters2337.952.393.1
    4Vista Cruisers62.436.6-6.689.9
    5Braggadocio Blowhards28.77.731.987.5
    6Nassau Flying Dutchmen124.6-40.8-14.286.7
    7Humboldt Hydro-14.1-2.761.485.1
    8Minnetonka Saints-18.619.641.384.9
    9Appalachia Board Sweepers77-13.2-18.984.5
    10Fighting Physicists-41.527.131.181.9
    11Frisco Express-20.118.51381.2
    12Gowanus Canals-30.237.5-17.278.7
    13SLO Wafflers61.9-43.5-38.877.8
    14Waterloo Worms of Woe-20.75.6-3.877.7
    15Mexico Cows-55.158.1-22.477.6
    16Gatlinburg Tramcars-23.1-
    17Detroit Collateral Damage-9.5-217.377.3
    18Seattle Golden Bears15.8-24.3-31.675.6
    19DPRK Great Leaders-9957.41.174.8
    20Fort Worth Outlaws-39.1-20.4-1.673
    21Cuenca Escobazos3.4-93.9-35.567.2
    22Tempe Hot Heads-36.4-25-6766.3
    23Lincoln Top Hats-51.5-2.1-73.666.1
    24Sun Prairie Cardinals-46.8-50.9-45.364.7
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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    And here's a Monte Carlo simulation of the season, with division standings, playoffs, and World Series odds:

    DivTeamWPlayoff %WSW %
    SmallVista Cruisers89.680.4%10.2%
    SmallHumboldt Hydro84.349.7%4.1%
    SmallMinnetonka Saints84.148.4%3.4%
    SmallMexico Cows76.211.6%0.6%
    SmallGatlinburg Tramcars75.89.7%0.5%
    SmallTempe Hot Heads63.50.2%-
    SpitTuktoyaktuk Wolverines93.076.4%9.5%
    SpitElgin Spam Eaters91.871.1%9.2%
    SpitBraggadocio Blowhards85.931.4%3.7%
    SpitAppalachia Board Sweepers82.818.6%2.5%
    SpitWaterloo Worms of Woe75.31.9%-
    SpitDPRK Great Leaders72.10.6%-
    DeadNassau Flying Dutchmen89.589.4%11.9%
    DeadSLO Wafflers79.841.3%3.5%
    DeadDetroit Collateral Damage79.338.4%3.0%
    DeadSeattle Golden Bears77.226.1%2.0%
    DeadCuenca Escobazos68.33.2%0.1%
    DeadSun Prairie Cardinals65.61.6%-
    LongWorcester Rocketeers99.898.7%27.0%
    LongFighting Physicists83.641.1%4.2%
    LongFrisco Express82.635.8%2.5%
    LongGowanus Canals79.618.8%1.8%
    LongFort Worth Outlaws74.05.4%0.3%
    LongLincoln Top Hats66.30.2%-
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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    Were definitely the csfbl angels

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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    around 4/10 revisit this, as the lineups will likely be set for the season
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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    My simulation has Mexico winning the division with 77 wins. Small sucks spit rules!

    seriously, this is cool stuff. It’d be cool to see a comparison at the end of the season.

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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    Is -41 defense socially acceptable for a non-tanking team? As much as me detesting 1-0 games is a thing in certain crowds, I do actively pursue them as much as the next guy. It would be wonderful if Nassau could prove that I can be successful with a focus on offense.

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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    I remember those draft picks. There were heavy offense but no D. The rules of the game are simple, RS > RA = W. So you are fine

    Shorter answer, in Dead Ball -41 defense is encouraged

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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by andujar View Post
    I remember those draft picks. There were heavy offense but no D. The rules of the game are simple, RS > RA = W. So you are fine

    Shorter answer, in Dead Ball -41 defense is encouraged
    Ha! I didn't even look at the competition. My -41 is actually third best in the division. Only Tempe prevents Dead from having the six worst defenses. I like being in this division.

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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    I also made some unrealistic choices for certain teams when it came to lineup construction to make the best overall teams for this season. Like for Nassau, I have the optimal lineup this year moving Rich to 2B, and benching John Mitchell, because his offense is so bad. Using my numbers that adds a little bit of value to the team overall this season. In reality you're obviously not going to do that, so your team will have quite a bit worse offense but a better defense in practice.

    As pimp pointed out this will be more accurate when I run it again tomorrow with the lineups teams are actually using, but I wanted to have something out before the games started.

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    Re: 2127 Season Preview

    I must made my call ups this morning.
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