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Thread: 2089 Season Chat

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    2089 Season Chat

    Ok guys, a new season is almost upon us.....

    First order of business the 2088 season was full of ups and downs and surprises for the Darkside a colossal slide at the end of the season cost us a chance at the playoffs however I would like to say congratulations to the Wookie Muffs on winning their first championship in over 100 years!

    We also saw CY step down as co-Commissioner so I would like to say thank you to him for his years of real life contributions and for helping to make this League a great place to play and have fun. CY and I rebuild this league when there is only five teams left holding it together for that I would like to say again thank you. Now I plan to move forward as the only Commissioner so that there is no more confusion over a ruling being made and GMs can come to one person for direction. I welcome anybody who would like to help out but there will be only one commissioner moving forward.

    Second order of business please please please double check your low minors and your AAA‘s to make sure that anyone who is 24 years old making more than $1 million has been moved up to your active roster or been traded or been released, this needs to be done before April 2nd If this is not done by that time your team will be penalized as laid out in the 24 hour rule if you’re unfamiliar with this please read the thread or reach out to myself and I will help you out with it. If your players have not been moved by this set date on which I will be checking and moved one day later you’ll still be penalized so please guys this isn’t meant to be a punishment it’s meant to be a way to encourage people to move their players up As this makes your team better and with the players you release gives the other teams a chance to pick up better players as well.

    Third order of business should any of you know somebody that’s looking for a team please offer the the Jawas, no permission is needed they are free to take over right away.

    So after all this, I wish you all good luck in the 2089 season,


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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    I have looked over the league and we currently have 13 of our 24 teams in violation of the 24 rule.

    Jax- 2
    Phantom Men-1
    Rancors- 1
    Jabba- 4

    Please be advised that you will be deducted 5 spots for every player you have that is in violation as of April 1st. Also In light of the fact that we have more then half the league in violation I may think about altering the punishment for the 24 rule. Should I think of something I will put it to a vote.


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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    The following teams are in violation of the 24 rule and will lose 5 spots per violation in the 2089 draft.

    Commodores-1 =5 spots
    Monkeys-2=10 spots
    Jax-2-=10 spots
    Phantom Men-1=5 spots
    Jabba soft ball-4=20 spots
    Rebels-1=5 spots
    Spies-1=5 spots
    Chewies-1=5 spots
    Darksabers-3=15 spots

    FYI it took about an hour of my time sort through the violators....even using the Low Minor Sorting Tool


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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    The 2089 Draft order has been revised.....what a pain in the Butt this was, no wonder CY didn’t want to do it. Anyway you will note not all were given the full extent of their punishment, this is because there are only 24 slots. Some teams offences commanded a more sever punishment then I could deliver so they took the biggest penalty I could give, while others only drop 3 spots instead of the full 5 as this spot was filled by previously punished teams. I want to make this clear I get no joy out of wasting my time doing this and point out I don’t even have a pick in the first round so I gain nothing. I am considering a different consequence that is less time consuming for me. As always I welcome your input and will have a vote on it once I make a ruling, but this amendment should there be one will not be effective until the 2090 season.

    New Draft 2089 Order

    1 Falcons

    2 Ewoks

    3 Blood Stripes

    4 Death Star

    5 Ewoks

    6 Blood Stripes

    7 Rancors

    8 Monkeys 2= 10 spots

    9 Rebels 1=5 spots

    10 Wampas

    11 Rogues

    12 Senators

    13 Sky Walkers

    14 Chewies 1=5 spots

    15 Jawas

    16 Warriors

    17 Jek

    18 Cubs

    19 Phantom Men 1=5 spots

    20 Jax 2=10 spots

    21 Commodores 1= 5 spots

    22 Darksaber 3=15 spots

    23 Spies 1= 5 spots

    24. Jabba 4=20 spots

    There these are all the original posts sorry for the confusion


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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    Please welcome our new GM HIGHPLAINSDRIFTER who has taken over the Yodas.

    Good luck Drifter

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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    Please welcome our new GM HIGHPLAINSDRIFTER who has taken over the Yodas.

    Good luck Drifter

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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    Has everyone noticed the new option in the trade/ Free Agent section? You are now able to set a player on your trade block, this should be helpful in facilitating trades in the league.

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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    Playoffs are here, good luck to all. The 2 series to watch in the first round is the rematch between the Spies and Wookie Cubs and the longest rivalry in our league is renewed as the Bounty Hunters and Darkside write another chapter in their storied rivalry.

    Good luck to all teams

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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    All four teams that advance are strong. Not looking forward to facing Jose Gamble a few times this round.
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    Re: 2089 Season Chat

    Five out of the last eight World Series have gone to seven games. Can’t ask for much more than that out of your baseball season!
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