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Thread: 1995 WAR Standings and Stats

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    1995 WAR Standings and Stats

    TeamOff. runs above avg.Def. runs above avg.Position WARPitching WARTotal WARWinsPyth. WinsWAR Wins
    Ming Dynasty 100 000 Eunuchs4955.4227.5528.5856.13110111103
    Boca Raton Unicorns103.710.6528.5920.9749.56909497
    Orlando Overture27.816.9820.8225.9246.739210194
    Lincoln Park Vigilantes78-31.5821.5522.9044.46848691
    Cobbs Deadball Brawlers29.338.1723.7419.9843.72989791
    Roswell Rockets-6.421.8718.2924.1542.44918989
    Savage Youngbloods51.46.1721.6120.6142.22868989
    London United Athletics-3.724.4519.4221.7041.12768288
    Nevada Naruto Runners21.756.3824.3216.0340.35918587
    DC Dodgers269.9520.2416.2536.49797883
    Onion Creek Pirates-61.722.0011.7424.6736.41969483
    Keokuk Chiefs-31.712.0815.4820.3035.77898383
    Xanadu Khans30.7-4.9618.6117.1535.76758283
    Philly Dragons28.4-6.2019.7514.8934.65807482
    Phillipsburg Panthers14.7-17.8415.5915.9431.53767679
    Subliminal Messengers-69.4-12.596.7923.9630.74777578
    Windy City Flyers-0.60.3414.7915.2430.03797577
    Dingle Rasp N Straw-72.523.109.0019.2128.21686875
    Adelaide Bite69.5-47.1718.558.6227.17787874
    Manitoba Moose-30.8-25.679.9015.0924.99667472
    Goodyear Zeppelins-35.7-1.2812.307.0619.36686366
    Managua Indios del Boer-95.1-45.42-0.6018.9618.36495865
    Ohio Bridgeburners-31.1-26.3010.186.2616.44666563
    Texarkana Bushwackers-91.7-6.665.366.1311.48565258

    I had to rewrite the code that compiles team stats for several reasons and it currently seems to miss players who were traded or otherwise switched teams. so dont get heated if seems way off for yours.
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    Cool Re: 1995 WAR Standings and Stats

    For pitchers and position players Im just gonna upload the excel file from now on instead of going through the all the formatting, it'll also let people also play around with sorting and any calculations they wanna do on their own

    Most Valuable Player (totally subjective assessment of most WAR + best $/WAR): Richard Ragland. Led the entire league with 8.46 WAR while making only $3.6mil.
    LVP: Kenneth Gillis of the OCP, posted up 0.47 WAR while making $6.1mil. his elite range was largely wiped out by giving up 16 extra bases vs. only 4 assists. ouch! with time though he'll get cheaper as a PSFA overpay.
    $y Young: Casey MIller with 8.3 WAR on a $4.9mil salary. James Woodcock of the Orlando Overture was technically better with 9.6 WAR but at $10.1mil a year he's not exactly a steal (but not overpaid either!). Honorable mention to Darren McLaughlin, with 6.7 WAR on $2.3mil.
    $y Old: George Baughman who put up a whole 0.5 WAR on a $4.2mil salary
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    Re: 1995 WAR Standings and Stats

    Nice work. Thank you.
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