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Thread: 2007 Wrap-up

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    2007 Wrap-up

    I used to do this more often, but thankfully my new small business has been growing so my available Big League time has dwindled the past few seasons. That being said, I'll try to be more consistent about our season wrap-ups.

    First, it's kind of cool that we've been around enough that records aren't being broken every season, and a player has to really excel to get one. But there were a few this year.

    Single season records in 2007:

    - Thomas Gray (Royston) keeps rolling along much to the chagrin of our league and his retirement won't come soon enough. He's only 27, so we're all screwed for the foreseeable future. Anyway..sigh.. this year set records for both lowest Whip of 0.83 and ERA of 1.16.
    - Kevin Clarke (Las Vegas) accumulated 480 total bases to beat the record by one.
    - Stephen Hamm (Boston) allowed the most hits in a season with 349. Don't feel bad for him though, for he strangely ended up 19-12 with a decent ERA of 4.62 and whip of 1.35

    All time records:

    - Christopher Allen (Ohio) finished 2007 as the All time saves leader with 664. Shame on me for dumping him in 1989 when his ERA was 81.00

    Watch list for 2008:

    - Jerry Castro (Memphis) need 26 singles to become the all time singles hitter
    - No one else is reasonable close to anything. Weird

    Anyone else have notes from this season? Unusual box scores or anything?
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    Re: 2007 Wrap-up

    The Sasquatches made some strides to get back out from the cellar, but couldn't quite keep up with Royston and Scarbourough. There were no Big League notable achievements, but we did have a few team records set:

    John Collins pitched a team record 310.2 innings while also setting the team strikeout record at 286. He also tied future hall of famer Daniel Lau's complete game record of 19, and finished one back of the team shutout record. He did also allow a team record 53 homers.

    And that's about it as far as achievements go, Seth Hahn did set a team record with 29 quality starts and fell just shy of Collins' team record IP with 299 for 2nd in Sasquatch history.

    The big question is, will Daniel Lau continue his roll as closer after a prolific starting career, be dumped to the free agent market and obscurity, or retire with grace as a potential 1st ballot hall of famer?
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    Re: 2007 Wrap-up

    VDL records set/broken in 2007:

    Jason Clark broke his own team BAvg record of .345 by hitting .365. He also broke the team hits record of 226 by knocking out 233 and eclipsed his own record of singles (174) with 177.

    FA signee Robert Klein broke the team record of 125 BBs with 137.

    Joseph Smith set a dubious record with 17 hit batters, which also propelled him to the career lead with 76.

    Brian Mattos with 5 SHO this season broke the tie for career SHOs and is now alone in 1st with 29.

    But the season itself was really defined by the trade for Batts, Sandy. In only 84 gms he hit 34 HRs and 112 RBI which gave the early season anemic offense a real boost. His bat in the lineup was a big reason VDL made their 10th straight playoff appearance and have a good shot at making some noise in the playoffs.

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    Re: 2007 Wrap-up

    Not much to report from Jacksonville this season. Team went 59-59 after I took over. Homer Duke was the star on offense. 28 yo David Thompson finally got called up and did well. Pitching is pretty dreadful but Omar Whittington was pretty decent.

    No one ready to call up next year but we do have two 1st rd picks.
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    Re: 2007 Wrap-up

    Great playoff run Ty. So glad I won in 6 and didn’t have to go to 7 vs your ace


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