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Thread: 2109 Draft

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    Re: 2109 Draft

    Hawaii selects - Pitcher, Raymond Nakamura

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    Re: 2109 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveVesey View Post
    Great range, multiple gold gloves... but might as well be blindfolded at the plate. Average is so-so, but everything else is BRUTAL.
    I hear you. To me OBP/OPS is king. A guy with a .350 OBP will get a lot of plate appearances for me. For a regular I want an OPS of .750, .800 if I can get it (learned that playing Replay Baseball back in the '80s).

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    Re: 2109 Draft

    Draft is done & picks are set, by the way. I totally forgot to mention that the other day. Thanks for everyone who posted or sent in lists... except Cleveland, who snagged Dotson one pick before I was going to take him, ha.

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