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Thread: 4 games per day

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    Re: 4 games per day

    I work on an ambulance. It's weird, all the ERs are close to empty. It's nice people are actually staying home and not spreading it more. Also, no rush hour traffic is awesome!

    I do think that in a few weeks that every cough sniffle and sneeze is going to be coming to ERs. But so far, so good.

    Edit: I miss opening day and baseball

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    Re: 4 games per day

    Take it easy Blunt. Thank you for helping out on the front lines during these troubled times.
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    Re: 4 games per day

    Thanks, but really it's not any different besides wearing extra personal protective equipment on certain calls. I just feel bad for people with kids and people who might be out of a job. There are a lot of resources out there for people effected by covid if anyone wants a link, let me know.

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