Last year I tried to shop SS and I had 83 views and NO trades.

If YOU want to WIN it all, YOU need to make a move.

Jakku Jags have an ACe in Homer Kroeger. Yes, he is 32 years old but he can be YOUR
ace for the next 3 to 5 years.

I also have 6 Shortstops in various ratings but I know I have one that can make your team
better for the playoff run.

The only SS I am NOT moving is Matthew Fisher.

I also have a 1B that can be moved in Kohly Gavin and he is in the Low Minors.

I am looking for Draft Picks and young players that can help me rebuild.

If you REALLY want to improve, then send me your best offer.

By the way, looking for a First Rounder PLUS for Kroeger. He is really good!!!

Thank you