Voting has ended and a big thanks to everyone that participated. Accordingly, we will now implement a minimum win rule effective with the new season (2021) and will begin to apply to picks in the 2022 draft.

The rule will be:

- A team will drop one draft spot in the first round only for every win below 55.
- The team cannot fall any further than the final pick in the first round (this would be nearly impossible anyway since they would have to win roughly 30 games to do that).
- If a team falls below 55 wins in two CONSECUTIVE seasons, the penalty is two draft spots for every win below 55. If three consecutive seasons, three spots for every win, etc. Will not fall any further than the final pick in the first round.
- If the team has traded that pick away already, it will apply to the following season and they will not be allowed to trade that pick away. Any attempt to trade that future pick will result in a voided trade and the players involved will be returned to their respective teams. If a team has traded away two season's picks and falls below 55 wins in both, the penalty will be added up across both seasons and applied to whatever ensuing first round pick they still own.
- The rule does not apply to an owner’s first partial season. Will begin to apply after a new owner’s first flip to a new season.