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Thread: 2013 Draft Live portion over, set your second round picks via list if you didn't pick in the draft.

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    Re: 2013 Draft mak, benmc, andrelton, pedro

    so frustrated with the forums.

    gsparks, i sent you a pm to auto me since every time today i've logged into forums i can't get **** to load.

    i've got this far, lets see if I can get an actual post made

    okmulgee #30 selection is lf Edward Munoz
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    Re: 2013 Draft benmc, andrelton, pedro

    I have trouble with the forum too these days.
    Anyway William Hodge - 2B for me please.

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    Re: 2013 Draft benmc, andrelton, pedro

    Twin Peaks will select 2B Robert OBrien.
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    Re: 2013 Draft nurmdog, drmeyer, fyewiks, makila, andrelton

    Palapye will take 2B Matthew Mosher
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    Re: 2013 Draft pedro, marsupial, fyewiks, miroku

    P Jacob Davis

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    Re: 2013 Draft pedro, jt3mer, mattavnlk, dirtball, jt3mer

    Circassia takes Jerrod Wiggins C

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    Re: 2013 Draft pedro, marsupial, fyewiks, miroku

    Thanks guys. We will call it here. I have to set picks soon.

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