It's with a heavy heart that i write this but it needs to be said. I've been playing this sim for going on 20 years it has always been one of my favorite ways to past the time. I've a lot awesome people here maybe no personally but in our sim world. So I owe it to all of them to say good bye, I've reached the end of my time here it was fun, interesting, frustrating. Watching this game grow from when i first started to play to what it has become today Brian should take a bow. I pretty sure with the group he has now helping him this game will be on the must play list for baseball fans.
with all that said I must inform the commissioners of the league that effective tonight 17/01/20 will be my last check in. I'll leave teams in my franchise, but you may transfer them out when a new owner is found
Thank you one and all I have enjoyed my time here very much