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Thread: 2068 Draft... Done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by joebaseball View Post
    Round 1
     Block 1 - Due 01/22 12 AM ET 
    1Barrowland Dominators 2B Howard Olivarez
    2Llano LLamas SS Gene Remington
    3Dublin Green Sox SS Ryan Fulmer
    4OC Waves C Lloyd Grigsby
     Block 2 - Due 01/23 12 AM ET 
    5Murrieta MayhemP Brian Nichols
    6Arizona Dust DevilsSS Jonathan Wright
    7Calgary IceballsP Eric Swan
    8Lake Erie MonstersLF Michael Mayhew
     Block 3 - Due 01/24 12 AM ET 
    9Groom Lake EngineersP Jonshae Jackson
    10Plainfield PorkersP Teddy Wincoop
    11New Hampshire BobcatsP George Dougherty
    12Northlands Polar BearsSS Nicholas Jimenez
     Block 4 - Due 01/25 12 AM ET 
    13Seattle GrindersC William Harvey
    14Athens PhilosophersSS Richard Haugen
    15Pocket SnowmenP Johnny Price
    16Peconic Bay ScallopsP Randall Gilbert
     Block 5 - Due 01/26 12 AM ET 
    17Frankfurt Eagles2B James Porter
    18Solingen ExplorersP Marcelino Brown
    19Carolina CruisersCF Curtis Lytton
    20Dayton ThunderboltsC Scott Ruiz
     Block 6 - Due 01/27 12 AM ET 
    21Graterford GrowlersC Angelo Palmero
    22Shadesmar SprenC Luciano Allen
    23Richmond Roadrunners2B Gary Wright
    24Flagstaff GiantsC William Ellison

    Round 2
     Block 7 - Due 01/28 12 AM ET 
    1Barrowland Dominators2B Clinton Dube
    2Llano LlamasCF Russell Stone
    3Dublin Green SoxP Andrew Cuomo
    4OC WavesC Jimmie Hinz
     Block 8 - Due 01/29 12 AM ET 
    5Murrieta MayhemC Joseph Kieth
    6Arizona Dust DevilsP Willard McCollough
    7Calgary IceballsP Willard Biermann
    8Lake Erie MonstersP Gerard Hart
     Block 9 - Due 01/30 12 AM ET 
    9Groom Lake EngineersP Alfred Alba
    10Plainfield PorkersP Henry Ward
    11New Hampshire BobcatsP Edward Webb
    12Northlands Polar BearsP James Titus
     Block 10 - Due 01/31 12 AM ET 
    13Seattle GrindersP Richard Brown
    14Athens PhilosophersP Juan Bailey
    15Pocket SnowmenP Robert Goodwin
    16Peconic Bay Scallops3b Herman Armstrong
     Block 11 - Due 02/01 12 AM ET 
    17Frankfurt Eagles 
    18Solingen Explorers 
    19Carolina Cruisers 
    20Dayton Thundrbolts 
     Block 12 - Due 02/02 12 AM ET 
    21Graterford Growlers 
    22Shadesmar Spren 
    23Richmond Roadrunners 
    24Flagstaff Giants 
    Send me an email...I don't go to forums everyday seems to me within the block the picks order should get a 6 hour time span then lists would not be needed
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    Re: 2068 Draft

    ...Looks like we got through it. I'm going to take a couple of days off, then figure out how to get the draftees onto each team. Appreciate everyone's patience...


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    Re: 2068 Draft

    ...Just finished getting Players from the 1st and 2nd rounds to their proper teams. Please check your rosters and let me know if any changes need to be made.

    Thanks and (Yay!) its done...

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