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Thread: Congratulations SteveVesey!

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    Congratulations SteveVesey!

    If it wasn't already official, it is now! The Youngstown Rust Belt Renegades are a dynasty and have by far the best World Series run in the history of Blue Chip Baseball.

    In this year's World Series, Youngstown jumped out to what appeared to be a runaway for the title by taking the first 3 games. However, Essex was not going down without a fight, winning the next 3 games and forcing the 9th Game 7 in Blue Chip World Series history. It was a tight game, tied 2-2 into the bottom of the 8th when 34 yr old slugger Colin Butler hit a 3 run shot off the scoreboard in centerfield....and the rest is history.

    Congratulations Youngstown on a great season. Consolation congrats to dk161 and the Essex Redbirds on a great season and providing us with a great World Series with your great comeback.

    Back in '87 and '88, the Binopolis Blue Sox won back to back World Series titles. Then from '89 thru '94, the Tokerton Super Skunks won 3 World Series (2 in a row in '93 and '94 while appearing in 4). During the same time span ('90-'98), the Serowe Rhinos won 3 World Series (2 in a row in '90 and '91) in 4 appearances. Then along came WALKER PARK. Beginning in 2001 running thru 2010, they won 5 World Series titles in 5 appearances (2 in a row in '01 and '02).

    All of those teams could be considered a dynasty.

    But now Blue Chip Baseball has THE DYNASTY. 5 consecutive World Series victories is storybook stuff.

    The National Conference now has 18 WS titles, American Conference has 17.

    By Division- North (15) West (12) East (5) South (3)

    By Team- WALKER PARK (6) Youngstown (6) Binopolis (3) Istanbul (3) Lyleton (3) Coventry (3) Tokerton (3) Mount Vernon (3) Purple Hill (2) Fremont (1) Toledo (1) Narrows (1)
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    Re: Congratulations SteveVesey!

    Well done on the recap! I was out of town all weekend & just got a chance to take a look. Five in a row!

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    Re: Congratulations SteveVesey!

    What a team!!!!! Congrats Steve.

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    Re: Congratulations SteveVesey!

    Congrats! I have a feeling it will be 6 in a row but here is to hoping LBV makes a return to the playoffs and stops that from happening
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