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Thread: Why can't I reassign players?

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    Why can't I reassign players?

    I've tried on 2 computers and 1 phone using both chrome and firefox, but for some reason, I can no longer reassign players. This started at least yesterday.

    I don't see a rule anywhere - such as no reassignment during September - that limits when you can reassign players.

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    Re: Why can't I reassign players?

    Are you making sure you have a legit roster? 25 in the Majors 13 hitters/12 pitchers and no more than 10 players in AAA, if not that might be the issue!
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    Re: Why can't I reassign players?

    Thanks. I didn't realize there was a cap of 10 players on AAA. I've been dredging the free agent pool and ended up with too many players in AAA.


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