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Thread: 1989 Trade Block

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    1989 Trade Block

    Need a misc. player for use as a backup, or to plug into your Active Roster this coming season while another develops... but the right player isn't in the free agency market?

    Florida is offering these age 30-33 usable players for trade in the 1989 preseason. Let me know what you think they are worth to you... I'm not expecting much. PM with notes of interest and I will hold them for you.

    RF Nicholas Martinez, 1,700,000 projected salary
    2B Wilfred Molina, Rookie, 1,458,000 projected salary
    SS Todd Patterson, 1,292,000 projected salary
    SS Joaquin Randle, 1,216,000 projected salary
    CF Mark Norton, 804,000 projected salary

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    1989 Trade Block

    The Seattle Grey Stockings have a few role players available for trade for a rule 5 pick...

    28 yo CF Andrew Rivera has an 81 range and a big four 51/84/70/49 with room to improve on DI and PO. Not to much endurance at 39. He’s only come off the bench in STL and been paid to sit in Seattle. He’d be dandy in a platoon or as a defensive replacement, I acquired him for that reason and ended up with three CF’s so he on the bench.

    26 yo C Ken Golub has a cannon with a 96 arm but is stuck behind a fan favorite C Ted Bryant. So if you want a part time or transitional backstop to stop the run he’s available. He has a 61/55/39/58 with a smidge of room to improve in DI. He’s got a 60 endurance so he could play a bunch if needed.

    I’ve already met my off season goals of a big RH bat and a second round pick so I only plan to move one of these guys for a rule five pick so don’t hesitate to send a pm or offer.

    I also have some youngish (25 yo) extra arms (Carlos Shannon 56/76/61/42 with a 59 endurance and Robert Harder 46/70/45/73 with 80 endurance, and both have room to improve stat wise) that could fit a SP5 or BP if that’s a need - maybe something can be worked out...

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