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Thread: Potential Rule Change Idea

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    Re: Potential Rule Change Idea

    I think 12 teams is afew to many shots. if we expand the lotto is should be to 10.
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    Re: Potential Rule Change Idea

    This lotto already gives a shot to any team, yeah it's not big, but I don't see why it needs to be...
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    Re: Potential Rule Change Idea

    No big deal. Im looking to rebuild in a few years. I can suck/ stink/lose games also for top draft picks. No need to win 70-80 games, might as well lose 50-60 with the same team.

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    Re: Potential Rule Change Idea

    Great stuff here. Sorry I’m late to the party.

    1. I love the cap in this league. Vulp’s idea is a good one though.
    2. I’m in favor of the 3 strike system. I may have missed some info on here but I think we go to a 200 win per 3-season. I’m in favor of more strict stipulations but a slightly less harsh punishment. Foe example, if you reach the 3 strike threshold, your 1st rounder isn’t vacated but automatically #24 and everyone slides up.
    3. I wouldn’t change anything with the lotto. It’s worked for a long time IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpecula View Post
    I'm in favor of a deeper lottery that gives any non-playoff teams a shot at good picks. Right now there is no reward, as it's been said, for trying to win when you know you are not going to the playoffs. Let's give those middling teams still grinding it out a shot at being rewarded.
    Sounds to me like what having the lotto already does... you seem to just be saying that better teams need an even better chance, which I do not agree with. Impose penalties on miserable performance if need be... but dont change what already is a better deal for higher ranked teams than in most other leagues.

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