Having already played over 150 baseball games so far this season, the players and coaches for the Oregon Oddities and the Farne Island Puffins just weren't feeling it when they came to play on 9/24. "Baseball again? Can't we do something else for a change? This is getting boring," complained pitcher Michael Cline. MVP candidate slugger Lester Sheppard overheard and started bragging to anyone who would listen about how he was a two way football player in high school.

Oddities manager, known for his poor decision in selecting relief pitchers late in games, was not very keen on playing a baseball game against the 1st place juggernaut of a team, truculently stated, "Sure whatever, let's play football. What do I care?"

Players of both teams were giddy with excitement when the officiating crew brought out the pig skin. "Thank God!" shouted CF Henry Burrell, "Everyday, day after day, it's nothing but baseball. I'm so sick of it I could scream."

After running in a 3rd quarter touchdown with a QB sneak, SS Michael Boutwell squealed with delight as his Oddities teammates joined him in a endzone celebration. The joy was contagious as just about everyone seemed to be having a great time. You couldn't wipe the smile off of LF Jose Acevedo's face, who had a dominant game at the running back position despite claiming to have never played football before. "Best day ever!" he said during a post game press conference. The only one who wasn't so sure about scrapping baseball to play football for the day was Oregon 2B, the Japan born Ralph Yoshioka, who seemed befuddled our "strange American customs".

The Puffins pulled away in the fourth quarter to officially win the game with a score of 23-10, but there were no losers on this day since everyone had fun and isn't that what sports is all about?