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Thread: West Side Soul is rebuilding

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    West Side Soul is rebuilding

    WSS's last rebuild started in 2086. We had 4 straight losing seasons then made our run with playoff births in 13 of the next 14 seasons. We won 10 division titles and made it to the World Series 6 times, winning 5 of them. We had a few players with us through all 5 championships, who were the cornerstones of this run. Specifically:

    SP Steve Hamrick
    SP Gary Ball
    SP Damon Kelly
    RP Merrill Malloy
    1B/DH Kelly Hatley
    RF Wyatt Matz

    Now that run had concluded and it's time to start over. So starting immediately West Side Soul is selling players for Draft Picks and/or Low Minors prospects. We still have some quality veterans on the staff in their late 20s and early 30s available to help take your team over the top.

    West Side Soul Major League Roster

    So go ahead and make offers. Decisions will be made quickly and as long as I'm not getting overly screwed, any reasonable offer will be accepted.

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    Re: West Side Soul is rebuilding

    Our slick fielding SS has been traded. Still some quality power, pitching and defense available.

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    Re: West Side Soul is rebuilding

    I made you a fair offer for McMaster. You never respond and cut the guy... Go figure!

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    Re: West Side Soul is rebuilding

    I cut him before I saw your offer, sorry. I needed to get my salary down so I could get 10/10 on all my front office allocations and he was way overpriced. He's all yours in FA at least.

    The rest of my quality position players are in AAA, I do not need to cut them so I'll just sit on them until I receive fair (or unfair lol) offers. I will be shuffling the last quality pitching there soon as well.

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    Re: West Side Soul is rebuilding

    Our All-Star C and DH have been traded. Still have veteran talent sitting in AAA waiting for a team to want them. Just make an offer. I don't need to move them for Salary Cap reasons so they won't be hitting the waiver wire any time soon.

    Veterans Available for Trade
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