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Thread: Brief Pause and No Idea What Happened

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    Brief Pause and No Idea What Happened

    It seems the devs hit the rewind button on the league for some reason. I didn’t request this and, for those that might not know, commissioners have no power to change a league's date like that.

    I’m going to pause the league and will let it go again for the 6 pm EST sim tomorrow (Dec 12) to give people a chance to re-check FOA and make appropriate roster adjustments before the flip to 4/1.

    If anyone needs players placed back in LM due to lack of space in AAA before flip, please post the link to the player in this thread and I’ll get to it ASAP. Will be checking this as regularly as I can until restart.

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    Re: Brief Pause and No Idea What Happened

    There was a valid reason: FOA never locked for the new year because the sim didn't complete at 4/1. Spoonman posted about it on the cbox.


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