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Thread: Expanded Standings

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    Expanded Standings

    WAR wins are pretty much 2nd-order pythagorean wins. position WAR is calculated from in-game xRAA and my own defensive analysis. Pitching WAR is calculated as a split between FIP/RA9.

    TeamxRAAdRAAPosition WARPitching WARTotal WARWinsPyth. WinsWAR Wins
    Omaha Storm Chasers63.644.328.724.653.39698100
    Tacoma Rainiers172.1-35.329.320.149.5949296
    Las Vegas 51's43.5-22.517.431.248.6919096
    Durham Bulls-2.225.917.827.945.79810293
    Gwinnett Stripers15.5-2.516.925.942.7919190
    Norfolk Tides5.17.517.721.839.5909187
    Albuquerque Isotopes35.4-19.018.419.738.1848385
    Salt Lake Bees69.0-9.422.015.137.0868684
    Scranton W-B RailRiders67.715.924.69.734.3858481
    Pawtucket Red Sox-5.24.915.518.333.8777981
    Louisville Bats-66.9-
    Rochester Red Wings-64.421.19.819.529.3797676
    Fresno Grizzlies3.7-35.412.816.429.2747676
    Round Rock Express-8.0-9.211.317.028.3777975
    Syracuse Mets-
    Toledo Mud Hens-5.1-24.613.314.027.3677374
    Columbus Clippers-111.418.17.119.726.8847274
    Sacramento River Cats-
    Nashville Sounds-54.3-9.68.914.623.5657170
    New Orleans Zephyrs53.8-41.814.67.522.1686869
    Charlotte Knights-29.1-9.510.012.122.1697269
    Memphis Redbirds-6.2-12.514.46.721.1797768
    Iowa Cubs-16.0-15.89.711.120.8707068
    Buffalo Bisons-

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    Re: Expanded Standings

    I always liked the expanded standings back then when I still was in AAA. I believe my team were the Nashville Sounds, if I remember correctly: not looking too good for them.

    But I have a question: I think I remember WAR means Wins above replacement, doesn't it? Now this table suggests even the worst team had 18.5 wins above replacement. Replacement level is something like a quadruple-A-player, someone going north and south between the Show and the minors. So far, so good. But I wondered if in real MLB also all teams have positive aggregate WAR like in here?
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    Re: Expanded Standings

    Not really, and even in CSFBL I think this is pretty rare! other leagues I've done this for usually have a few teams kicking it in the 50-win range (47 wins is about replacement level over a full season) just like MLB. it just means there's a lot of parity in the league, like only 10 teams project as being above .500 here and the lowest actual win total is 65. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Re: Expanded Standings

    it would be pretty rare for a team to have negative WAR though, you'd have to REALLY mismanage things to not even have a couple average guys. which is why win totals tend to bottom out around 50-55 wins

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    Re: Expanded Standings

    Interesting, thanks for the post. I'd agree with Scranton's assessment too. The pitching staff is terrible, hence why I was trying to trade for bodies all season.


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