DH / Corner OF Edward Austin has had a very illustrious career with this one team, however he has never seen a playoff game.


The 33 year old switch hitter with a career line of .325/.458/.547 OPS 1.005 has still got it with arguably his best season last season.

However, that comes with a price, a salary this season of $8,933,000

I want to move him while he can still help another team for multiple seasons. He has at least 3 great seasons as a DH still left in him with another 2 after that at still being a solid OBP guy since the DI will not really go down with age.

I know that salary will be cumbersome for many, but I await to hear your offers. Players, prospects, picks, whatever mix of things you feel is the right value, I am willing to listen. I just want fair value.