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Thread: Williamsport has a new owner

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    Williamsport has a new owner

    welcome IKnowZip (Mick) to KBL. Excited to get this team a good owner after that last JA that screwed it up.

    Nice to get in before the season starts.
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    Re: Williamsport has a new owner

    I want something good to die for to make it beautiful to live. I want a new mistake, loose is more than hesitate

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    Re: Williamsport has a new owner

    Glad to be part of an honest league. But the gods must hate me. I've got 5 solid starting pitchers and only one is performing! 0-9 to start! On the other hand, a team I had last season started 7-0 and then played .200 ball over the next 50 games, so I hope these things even out. Good luck to all in this season.

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    Re: Williamsport has a new owner

    Welcome and good luck!


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