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Thread: 2004 Live Draft Block 7 Due 12/7 @ 9PM ET

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    2004 Live Draft Block 7 Due 12/7 @ 9PM ET

    With the Holiday and many folks traveling or otherwise busy, I’m going to delay the start of the draft. This will mean at some point we will have to slow or pause the sim to allow time to finish up.

    Happy Thanksgiving All!

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft

    If this starts before i get back in town Norwood selects: Philip Fring P
    For the love of the game.

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    2004 Live Draft Block 7 Due 12/7 @ 9PM ET

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: Dec 1st @ 9:00 PM
    1Norwood IndiansDennis4485postPhillip Fring P
    2Las Vegas High RollersBigCat_74postJeffrey Washington C
    3Scottsdale GilamonstersJkushmaul75autoFred Byrd P
    4Canton SabresunownedautoRobert Mayes C
    5Texas Tornadoeschadpersch15autoRobert Kraus SS
    6Reno Tahoes2XSlistJames Stearn 2B
     Block 2  Due: Dec 2nd @ 9:00 PM
    7Arakanu DogmenWartezautoHugh Saul CF
    8Lauder ParklanesNeilblistLamar Williams P
    9Syndicate Utopia Nightstalkerscdp0623listJohn Underhill SS
    10Keokuk Kookstuds45listGordon Bellomy P
    11Philadelphia Fishillrated213autoEllis Wilde 3B
    12Wisconsin WallbangerspeblistOrlando Doty P
     Block 3  Due: Dec 3rd @ 9:00 PM
    13Oak Island TreasureSharpe DispenserpostJimmy Philpot RF
    14Hudson Black BearsRoadrunneragokapostEddie Goode 3B
    15Advance PanthersgsabinopostChester Meier P
    16Oahu Feral HogsapmarinelistGlenn Keil CF
    17Salamanca ScorpionsThor2017autoDale Thomson LF
    18Venice MuscleAestheticslistMichael Martinez 3B
     Block 4  Due: Dec 4th @ 9:00 PM
    19Hudson Black BearsRoadrunneragokapostJohn Fish P
    20Syracuse StarsDockEllislistDonnie Bradford P
    21Caracas RedSoxDanilsonlistRaymond Martinez RF
    22Reno Tahoes2XSlistBrandon Bernier P
    23Cherry Grove Hurricanesgsigmon0221post1B Leonard Irvine
    24Flatland StickFyewikspostWilliam Perez RF
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 5  Due: Dec 5th @ 9:00 PM
    25Norwood IndiansDennis4485postMichael Prescott SS
    26Las Vegas High RollersBigCat_74listJames Browning CF
    27Scottsdale GilamonstersJkushmaul75autoTyler Williams P
    28Canton SabresunownedautoMyron Shannon P
    29Texas Tornadoeschadpersch15autoRobert Yu 3B
    30Reno Tahoes2XSlistJeremy Briggs P
     Block 6  Due: Dec 6th @ 9:00 PM
    31Arakanu DogmenWartezautoGreg Bingham CF
    32Lauder ParklanesNeilblistJeffrey Erhardt P
    33Syndicate Utopia Nightstalkerscdp0623listRufus Clyburn C
    34Keokuk Kookstuds45listChristopher Luong 2B
    35Philadelphia Fishillrated213autoFloyd Donahue P
    36Wisconsin WallbangerspeblistCagan Richardson 2B
     Block 7  Due: Dec 7th @ 9:00 PM
    37Oak Island TreasureSharpe DispenserinstJohnny Pearson P
    38Hudson Black BearsRoadrunneragoka  
    39Advance Panthersgsabinolist 
    40Oahu Feral Hogsapmarine  
    41Salamanca ScorpionsThor2017  
    42Venice MuscleAestheticslist 
     Block 8  Due: Dec 8th @ 9:00 PM
    43Syracuse StarsDockEllis  
    44Syracuse StarsDockEllis  
    45Caracas RedSoxDanilson  
    46Reno Tahoes2XS  
    47Cherry Grove Hurricanesgsigmon0221  
    48Flatland StickFyewiks  

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft Block 1 Due 12/1 @ 9PM ET

    Sorry for the late start. Just haven’t had time and figured others might be in the same boat. Block 1 PMs are out.

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft Block 1 Due 12/1 @ 9PM ET

    So do you guys want to 1) slow the sim and possibly pause for a bit to finish the draft or 2) just have a 1 round live draft this time around?

    Let me know if there is a strong feeling one way or the other. I’m leaning towards just 1 round this time around. So if you hate that idea I’ll consider the other option.

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft Block 1 Due 12/1 @ 9PM ET

    High Rollers select C-Jeffrey Washington with #2 pick

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft Block 1 Due 12/1 @ 9PM ET

    Hi Tyrus, even tho im not even participating this draft, thank you for your time

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft Block 2 Due 12/2 @ 9PM ET

    Thanks xet! Block 2 PMs are out.

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    2004 Live Draft Block 3 Due 12/3 @ 9PM ET

    Block 3 PMs going out.

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    Re: 2004 Live Draft Block 3 Due 12/3 @ 9PM ET

    RF Jimmy Philpot for Oak Island #13. I'd also make a trade for a pick in this block or the next. I've got some great middle infielders... PM me
    ACL - Washington Nationals
    Diamond Legends - Oak Island Treasure
    Cardinals Fans - Brooklyn Dogs
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