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Thread: Logos and player pictures

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    Logos and player pictures

    It would be great if there was a way to upload custom team logos again.
    Also, I was wondering about the practicality of having a player photo on each player summary page. It could start blank and each owner could send photo request to the commissioners if they wanted to personalize a player.


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    Re: Logos and player pictures

    I'd like to second the team logos function too. Vashon was able to do this, and I would just email him a logo in the correct size/resolution and the team ID. If someone can give me access or tell me how I could do this, there's a ton of logos in Remake I'd like to update, and I'd even be willing to take the requests from owners across the site and update in all leagues.

    It just needs someone with the technically know-how to get in touch with me...
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