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Thread: Players in prime available for picks

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    Players in prime available for picks

    After a decade of contention, capped by three WS in four years, Philly has to start rebuilding. Everyone on the roster is available for picks. To highlight a few players in their prime:

    Tyler Fredricks SS, 25 years, elite defensive SS
    Robert Laxton, LF, 25 years, lefty power hitter, still lots of room to get better

    Stephen Mann, SP, L, 29 years, #1 starter on three WS teams
    David Hart, SP, R, 26 years, already excellent SP. Tons of room to grow.
    David Lee, Closer, R, 28 years, 1.93ERA, 1.07WHIP this year

    Let me know if interested, thanks.

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    Re: Players in prime available for picks

    In today's trade, Mann and Lee move to Dave's Redsocks, Philly gets back Dave's 2nd round pick this year and next year's 1st round pick.


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