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Thread: 1992 Draft

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    1992 Draft

    Round 1
    Pick Team Status Selection
    Due Date Tue. 11/05 9PM ET   
    1 Huntersville Hackers (cpsreynolds) Post P Francis Blum
    2 Barrington Backstabbers (Unowned) Auto C Joseph Tillery
    3 N.Y. RiverRats (Sataleeti) Auto P Marco Meyerson
    4 Xanadu Khans (Trashman) Auto SS Edrie Palumbo
    5 Philly Dragons (apmarine) List P Ricky Luna
    6 DC Dodgers (DuBois) Auto LF Richard Ragland
    Due Date Wed. 11/06 9PM ET   
    7 Adelaide Bite (acecat21) Auto P George Farrelly
    8 Roswell Rockets (pearbear82) Auto P Arthur Herald
    9 Windy City Flyers (Unowned) Auto SS Bryan Casares
    10 Ohio Bridgeburners (Dennis4485) Auto P Steve Collins
    11 Subliminal Messengers (Andrew K) List 2B Anthony Davis
    12 Dingle Rasp N Straw (MysteriousO) ListP Edward Ledford
    Due Date Thu. 11/07 9PM ET   
    13 Managua Indios del Boer (Anthony) List 2B David Lugo
    14 Phillipsburg Panthers (nschlozz13) Auto 2B Thomas Pena
    15 Texarkana Bushwackers (tellias) Auto P James Baggs
    16 Savage Youngbloods (GoldenGhost) List C Jack Hepp
    17 Lincoln Park Vigilantes (Wranglerx1973) Auto P Jason Brown
    18 London United Athletics (SeekUpSaratoga) Auto CF John Griffith
    Due Date Fri. 11/09 9AM ET   
    19 Onion Creek Pirates (ZubaZ) Auto LF Donald Kirkland
    20 Ming Dynasty 100,000 Eunuchs (V.I. Incandenza) List SS Thomas Burkett
    21 Cobbs Deadball Brawlers (TyrusCobb) List 2B Miguel Farfan
    22 Goodyear Zeppelins (starbreaker) Auto 1B Miguel Cardwell
    23 Nevada Naruto Runners (Book_Archer) List P Barry Ranck
    24 Orlando Overture (RyckyRych) List P Saphirn Cardenas

    Round 2
    Pick Team Status Selection
    Due Date Sat. 11/10 9AM ET   
    25 Huntersville Hackers (cpsreynolds) Auto P Ronnie Chapa
    26 Barrington Backstabbers (Unowned) Auto 3B Terry Dugan
    27 N.Y. RiverRats (Sataleeti) Auto C Omar Bilbrey
    28 Xanadu Khans (Trashman) Auto P Aubrey Fishback
    29 Philly Dragons (apmarine) List P Russell Daugherty
    30 DC Dodgers (DuBois) Auto SS Matthew Summerville
    Due Date Sun. 11/11 9AM ET   
    31 Adelaide Bite (acecat21) Auto 1B Guy Robbins
    32 Roswell Rockets (pearbear82) Auto C Robert Wilmoth
    33 Windy City Flyers (Unowned) Auto P Benjamin Hosea
    34 Ohio Bridgeburners (Dennis4485) Auto 3B Nicholas Price
    35 Subliminal Messengers (Andrew K) Auto 2B Michael Davis
    36 Dingle Rasp N Straw (MysteriousO) List P Stephan Lemmon
    Due Date Mon. 11/12 9AM ET   
    37 Managua Indios del Boer (Anthony) Auto LF Michael Lyons
    38 Phillipsburg Panthers (nschlozz13) Auto C Jordan Freudenburg
    39 Texarkana Bushwackers (tellias) Auto SS Richard Wagner
    40 Savage Youngbloods (GoldenGhost) List C Kenneth Ohara
    41 Lincoln Park Vigilantes (Wranglerx1973) Auto CF Robert Keating
    42 London United Athletics (SeekUpSaratoga) Auto RF Julius Seaver
    Due Date Tue. 11/13 9AM ET   
    43 Onion Creek Pirates (ZubaZ)
    44 Ming Dynasty 100,000 Eunuchs (V.I. Incandenza)
    45 Cobbs Deadball Brawlers (TyrusCobb)
    46 Goodyear Zeppelins (starbreaker)
    47 Nevada Naruto Runners (Book_Archer)
    48 Orlando Overture (RyckyRych)
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    Quote Originally Posted by V.I. Incandenza
    man it's also really funny to see how much negative war prople have on their rosters. it's like dog by definition you can immediately replace that guy for free

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    Re: 1992 Draft

    Orlando is willing to deal its draft for either a future year's draft or a defensive minded SS. Or something else good. Inquire within.

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    Re: 1992 Draft

    Hackers take Francis Blum P

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    Re: 1992 Draft

    14/24 autos in the 1st, pretty rough


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