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Thread: 2004 Season Discussion

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    2004 Season Discussion

    Anybody buying? Royston has some real good bats to trade for picks/prospects. See my post in the Trade Central folder for more details.

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    Re: 2004 Season Discussion

    Royston looking for a SP 2/3 type pitcher. Have several very good young bats and this year and next years 1st Rd picks. Willing make a package deal. This could jumpstart or finish a rebuild where you fill several spots for one player.

    Lmk if interested.

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    Re: 2004 Season Discussion

    Royston brought back Tim Madsen from Clayton after we shipped him to Clayton in 1998 as part of a rebuilding effort.

    We had some capital to spend and wanted another frontline starter. Hopefully he keeps throwing ground balls by the bucket full!

    Trade Details

    From Royston Tigers:
    1B: Willie Mitchell ($1,083,000)
    RF: Shawn Greene ($2,842,000)
    None Round Draft Pick: #24 overall
    From Clayton Comets:
    P: Timothy Madsen ($3,057,000)

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    Re: 2004 Season Discussion

    The Mashers are in the market for a quality SP...Willing to part with my 15th pick in this years draft...If you are rebuilding send me an offer...


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