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Thread: 2117 Remake Draft

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    2117 Remake Draft

    Quick PMs
    Block 1: mvrk; Chae; JamesJustin; RyckyRych; gsabino; mathew1369
    Block 2: Amwhere; Fyewiks; joeecc; pedro4832; mattavnlk; bundy71
    Block 3: nogimmicknecessary; TerrierPride; bmikes; bigdbpimpin1; unowned; smittias
    Block 4: Grimm; lureguy; Kirbyk; DiMo; jdjaeger54; ClintWilley

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: Nov 2nd @ 9:00 PM
    1Minnesota TwinsmvrkLiveP Travis Ainsworth
    2St. Louis CardinalsChaeListP Benjamin Johnson
    3Cincinnati RedsJamesJustinAutoP Kevin McDowell
     Block 2  Due: Nov 3rd @ 9:00 PM
    4Atlanta BravesRyckyRychLiveP Edward Rubio
    5New York MetsgsabinoListP Jacob Watson
    6Los Angeles Dodgersmathew1369ListSS Aaron Saunders
     Block 3  Due: Nov 4th @ 9:00 PM
    7Oakland AthleticsAmwhereLiveCF Mickey Foley
    8San Francisco GiantsFyewiksLiveP Charles Valdez
    9Chicago White SoxjoeeccListP Casey Sills
     Block 4  Due: Nov 5th @ 9:00 PM
    10Seattle Marinerspedro4832ListP Herbert McGuire
    11Baltimore OriolesmattavnlkAutoP Chester Landry
    12Boston Red Soxbundy71List1B David Lee
     Block 5  Due: Nov 6th @ 9:00 PM
    13San Diego PadresnogimmicknecessaryLive2B Tyrone Wells
    14Philadelphia PhilliesTerrierPrideLive2B James Taylor
    15Chicago CubsbmikesAutoP Fransisco Calhoun
     Block 6  Due: Nov 7th @ 9:00 PM
    16New York Yankeesbigdbpimpin1LiveSS George Hughes
    17Houston AstrosSpaldoListP Steven Dixon
    18Pittsburgh PiratessmittiasLiveP Daniel Swearingin
     Block 7  Due: Nov 8th @ 9:00 PM
    19Detroit TigersGrimmListP Dewayne Davis
    20Kansas City RoyalslureguyList1B David Cathey
    21California AngelsKirbykListRF Richard Swanson
     Block 8  Due: Nov 9th @ 9:00 PM
    22Toronto Blue JaysDiMoLiveP Eugene Karl
    23Washington Nationalsjdjaeger54LiveSS Robert Armstrong
    24Cleveland IndiansClintWilleyAutoC Clarence Brown
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 9  Due: Nov 10th @ 9:00 PM
    25Minnesota TwinsmvrkLiveLF Cecil Priest
    26St. Louis CardinalsChaeLiveLF Edgar Libby
    27Cincinnati RedsJamesJustinLiveRF John Jones
    28Atlanta BravesRyckyRychList2B Ronald Campbell
    29New York MetsgsabinoAutoRF Thomas Bailey
    30Los Angeles Dodgersmathew1369AutoP Stacy Harris
     Block 10  Due: Nov 11th @ 9:00 PM
    31Oakland AthleticsAmwhereAutoP Antonio Comer
    32San Francisco GiantsFyewiksList3B Steven Williams
    33Chicago White SoxjoeeccListP James Reynolds
    34Seattle Marinerspedro4832ListP James Zamudio
    35Baltimore OriolesmattavnlkListP Michael Merrell
    36Boston Red Soxbundy71ListRF Brett Schoonover
     Block 11  Due: Nov 12th @ 9:00 PM
    37San Diego PadresnogimmicknecessaryLive2B Adam Samford
    38Philadelphia PhilliesTerrierPrideLive1B Wayne Brewer
    39Chicago CubsbmikesAuto3B Loren White
    40New York Yankeesbigdbpimpin1ListC Eric Scott
    41Houston AstrosSpaldoListP Leland Johnson
    42Pittsburgh PiratessmittiasListP Todd Paul
     Block 12  Due: Nov 13th @ 9:00 PM
    43Detroit TigersGrimmListP Anthony Larios
    44Kansas City RoyalslureguyLiveCF Woodrow Lansford
    45California AngelsKirbykListC Alvin Lukas
    46Toronto Blue JaysDiMoList3B Ernesto Benson
    47Washington Nationalsjdjaeger54ListP Marvin Fielder
    48Cleveland IndiansClintWilleyListP Brian George
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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    Twins take Travis Ainsworth P

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    Atlanta selects P Edward Rubio at #4.

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    The A's select CF Mickey Foley.

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    With Pick # 8, San Francisco selects P Charles Valdez

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    Tyrone Wells to the Padres

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    Phillies will take 2B, James Taylor

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    SS Hughes
    -Parce que j'ai le jeu, mes chiennes.
    -Translation; 'cause I got game *****es!

    Join the Remake Leagues! No Experience Necessary.

    Simple Rules:

    1. Stop recruiting new owners for your half dead crappy leagues. Your efforts would be better used looking for a stable league with owners who actually care about their teams. Winning the world series in a half unowned league is not worthy of your time.

    2. If you are trading an elite item like a no1 overall pick or a superstud player, then dont take the first offer you get. Advertise your availability to the league to maximize your return. Your trade partner is not going to protect you from underselling yourself.

    3. Quoted from a thread about Monopoly gameplay: "This strategy will end up killing you in the long run. You WANT to make deals. You WANT to be easy to do business with. If players get the impression that you're always going to ask for unreasonable demands, they'll trade with other players, leaving you out of those trades, meaning you get nothing of value while they benefit. Remember, your goal in a trade should not be to screw your trading partner, but to screw anyone who isn't your trading partner. Then people will catch on and realize that if they're not going to give you fair rates, they're going to be left out in the cold, which means that you shouldn't be dealing with people who play that way either."

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    with 1:18, Pirates select Daniel Swearengin P 20 $682,000

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    Re: 2117 Remake Draft

    Toronto selects p Eugene Karl.

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