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Thread: Shout Out to Dubuque

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    Shout Out to Dubuque

    It's somewhat unfortunate that streaks and accomplishments aren't recognized until they end....nonetheless what SteveVesey has done with the River Rats certainly deserves recognition.

    14 straight trips to the playoffs (finishing in first place 12 of those times), 9 straight 100-win seasons, 6 world titles....all in a tough division that featured 5 of 6 teams with winning records this year. And he didn't exactly crash this year either -- the team still won 89 games.

    Well done!!

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    Re: Shout Out to Dubuque

    Thanks! It was a pretty solid run. Three 3,000 hit players. I’m anxious to see how many end up making the Hall of Fame from this group. Already have a couple in.


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