I can be a bit of sucker for heart-over-head decisions, and whilst 41-yr old Duffy Botkin has objectively no right to take up the DH spot, his imminent retirement (100% likelihood), being the greatest hitter ever to have played for the Monarchs, and a few records and milestones to shoot for, means I'm going to give him his final season farewell tour.

He already tops the all-time Monarchs charts for At-bats, Plate Appearances, Total Bases, Runs, and RBIs. Although he will become the first Monarch ever to reach 10,000 ABs and also 1,900 RBIs, although the big 2,000 appears just out of reach.

He needs 26 doubles to take top spot all-time for the Monarchs, and having hit 25 last year and 27 the year before it's not impossible. He also needs just 3 triples to take the all-time team leadership, and having knocked 12 last year that seems probable. Perhaps the biggest, sitting on 598 home runs, he's just two behind team leader Matthew Fontaine who retired on the nice round number of 600, so he'll be looking to join that exclusive club and also top yet another leaderboard.#

While his numbers in all these categories don't even show up in the League-wide top 10s, his domination of the all-time lists in Kansas City means fans will be cheering him on to his final milestones and getting one last look at a club legend.