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Thread: Playoffs 2085: How long does a Rancor live anyhow?

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    Playoffs 2085: How long does a Rancor live anyhow?

    Apparently 16 years. Talk around the planet was we haven't seen winning baseball in a "Rancor's age". Well, it happens to be 16 years since we scored 80+ wins in any regular season (2069). It also happens to be the last time this franchise was in the playoffs.

    Now we take on the Rebels who have won 10 straight to squeak into the playoffs ahead of Jabba's Palace. While we really don't expect to challenge the likes of Yavin4/Bothan/et al, we're happy to get some experience at the highest level.

    Good luck to all
    (last time Ch'p won in brackets):

    The Galatic Zoo of Jedi Monkeys (never) vs Merritton Darkside (2011)
    The Mighty Ewoks Of Endor (never) vs Yavin 4 Massassi Warriors (2084)
    Rogue One Rebels (2066) vs Dathomir Rancors (never)
    East Berlin Chewbacca Muffs (1985) vs Bothan Spies (2081)
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    Re: Playoffs 2085: How long does a Rancor live anyhow?

    Merritton is stunned as they find themselves down 3-1 and now in a must win situation. The Darkside will hope that their strong pitching and the use of the darkside of the force will be enough to overcome this deficit and get them into the LCS. It is rumoured that all the teams players of yesteryear have been invited to game 5. GM Sithlord stated that he himself will be tossing out the first pitch and that he has dispatched a Death Star to orbit around the Jedi Monkeys home planet....just in case things don’t go as planned.

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    Re: Playoffs 2085: How long does a Rancor live anyhow?

    Congrats on the championship, dude. Grinded out a bunch of wins in some tough series and took us all out.


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