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Thread: **Special Report** Gray Day in Ontario

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    **Special Report** Gray Day in Ontario

    London today was imformed by its sure fire, potentially unanimous future HOF 2B

    Timothy Healy

    that he will be retiring from the Werewolves at the age of 41.

    Healy, as a brash young 2B came into the league in 2084 after being chosen 7th overall in the 1980 draft.

    Non- household names such as Larry Bean, Matthew Green, Larry Williams, Gilbert Dicosta and Keyontre Lawrence were the first 5 selected in that draft, combining for all but 5 AS appearances between them all. Then it was pick #6. London had two names still on its board as did Birmingham. As the two names were announced, neither team realized how much of an impact they would have on their respective teams. Could have went either way, and events may have been similar, they were that good.
    So at 6, Birmingham selected Andre Brown, whose storied career to the HOF, included 4 WS rings, the ROY, 5 Cy Youngs, and 11 AS appearances. He won 333 career regular season games, plus 27 more playoff games. Coincidentally, Brown was traded to London in a late season move in 1993 and while playing along side Healy, won the 1993 WS together.

    Healy, was selected after Brown, and had himself a long illustrious career. Healy finished with 894 HR's - 2nd overall in League History! Just 30 homers off the record set by Scott Lewis, Healy has decided he's had enough . Healy played in 5 WS, winning three times. He was not just a power hitting, but an excellent fielder, winning 12 GG awards. From 2084 to 2097, Healy won the GG every year except 2086. Amazing. Healy was also the League MVP twice, in 93 and 96 and made 11 AS teams. Healy hit 47 HR's and recorded 127 RBI in playoff action and finished with 2329 RBI's in his career, good for 6th overall in the league.

    When reviewing the 2084 draft, there were really only two notable players. Healy and Brown.

    To finish second overall in HR's is impressive enough, but in his last season he hit 33 of them to amass his totals to 894. During which he surpassed Leagues stars and HOF'ers Jacob Davis, Marion Kellogg and Antonio Sullivan III going from 5th overall to land in at 2nd. He didn't want to hang on in potentially a reserve role to chase the final 30 he would need.

    Regardless, he was one of the best, and London will have a very hard time replacing him Thanks for the read!!
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    Re: **Special Report** Gray Day in Ontario

    Thanks for the news! Always love to read that kind of stories. Great career!!! And thanks for the memories on Andre Brown, one of the best pitcher I had, ever.

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    Re: **Special Report** Gray Day in Ontario

    Larry Bean was a dud. I traded him away. You can't win them all. If there's a lesson I've learned in drafting, it is never pass up on a middle infielder with power.


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