I am currently in the process of revamping Top Prospects to try to salvage the league. I have already reached out to some owners to gauge interest in a new concept. Here's my plan:

1) 2 A Day league (to start).
2) $60M Hard Cap (No exceptions).
3) Live Draft (owners not participating will be dropped to bottom of round).

4) PLAYER FREE AGENCY. Here's how it works: Just like in MLB, once a player is brought to Active service, his clock starts "ticking" (mid-season call-ups count as a season). A team cannot hold a player on their roster after six seasons of ownership. A team must:

1) Release the player after 6 seasons. No muss, no fuss.
2) Release the player and attempt to re sign the player after they reach Free Agency (just like MLB, you bid for his services with all other teams).
3) Trade the player before he hits Free Agency for whatever compensation you can acquire.
4) Go to "Arbitration" with a player. You would be able to keep the player by surrendering him for a 1st Round pick.

Yes, I realize there are some "holes" in the concept, but that's why I post this thread, in order to work them out. I see Season #1 as the real tough one, since all players over 6 seasons would have to be addressed, but it should be much easier after that season. I'm retired, so I'm up to the task.

Looking for Feedback!

Regards, Ravennod.