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Thread: 2065 AOR Draft - DONE

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    Re: 2065 AOR Draft - Block 5 OTC

    Quote Originally Posted by Toy Cannon View Post
    doaf, who did you have listed as the Cruisers auto pick? I don't recall who it was and I need to put him back on my draft list. (whoever it was will no doubt be drafted before it's my turn again, but I still want to do this)
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    Re: 2065 AOR Draft - Block 8 OTC

    Seattle will take 3b Jesus Dias
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    Re: 2065 AOR Draft - Block 10 OTC

    The Carolina Cruisers select SS, Dale Chandler with their 2nd round pick.

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    Re: 2065 AOR Draft - Block 11 OTC

    Giants take CF Clifton Smith with their 2nd rounder

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    Re: 2065 AOR Draft - Block 12 OTC

    Arizona selects SS Clayton Hanson in round 2

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